Hartley Search Partners

Hartley Search Partners is a unique boutique search firm which focuses on the retained recruitment of mid-to-senior level management and executive leadership. Our vision is to develop deep and engaged partnerships with one client per competitive industry. The reason we seek to partner in this way is simple; our goal is to build long-term teams by providing the loyalty necessary for a true partnership, free from conflict of interest, and the dwindling search pools that can result from working with multiple competitors within the same field. We want to specialize in you, your niche talent requirements, and your distinct corporate culture. By working in this way, we can earn the trust to be invited to understand your business, its goals, and strategic direction intimately, thus enabling us to be an integral part of your team, and success for the long term.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is about identifying, finding and connecting the right people; they are your backbone, your reputation, and your bottom line after all. Our promise to you is that we will never represent the same candidate to multiple clients at a time, and we will never hunt for talent within any of our partner organizations. We are not a placement service, but a search firm which focuses on extensive market research, attracting passive candidate pools, and tapping a professional network built from decades of front-line recruiting. Our search methodology is thorough, well structured, and based on progressively targeted recruitment procedures and robust multi-layer screening methods derived from a host of best practices. Each and every recruitment project we conduct is a uniquely tailored, full researched-based search process, and never limited to what we have “in the hopper” or database.  

What We Do